Profile sites are a huge hype on the internet. One of them is MySpace, which has developed into the platform for upcoming bands.

It started out as a very common profile site; members would make their own profile including blogs, photo’s and forums. They could make friends and send each other messages. Just like any other site of its kind. But the thing about MySpace was that you could put your own recorded songs on it, it turned MySpace into a well known site, especially for music lovers.

This offered the outcome for young, upcoming bands and musicians, because a profile site is the way to network. Members who shared the same taste in music could become friends and send each other the music that they liked.

Beginning musicians hoped that members of MySpace would pick up their songs, so the musicians could enjoy their fifteen minutes of fame, and maybe even more…

A good example of the rising influence of MySpace are the British Arctic Monkeys; four teens from Sheffield who created a site for fans to visit. Because of this, their own songs got hugely popular, even so that their first official single already got out and they played on fully solarctic monkeys articled-out stages. And all this before they even got signed in on a record label.

Record companies claim that they don’t look at the charts anymore to tell them whether the band is a hit or not, they look at how many friends the musicians have on MySpace. That’s understandable with at least 72 million members, and 14 million visitors -or better; fans – a day!