Sounds of shifting and tilting can be heard through the microphone.
From the boxes above our heads the song ‘know your enemy is playing, too low a volume to drown out the talking of an anticipated crowd. The roadies are running up and down the stage, positioning amplifiers, guitars and sound boxes. The stage is in front of the venue; a large hall with high ceilings, a balcony, on which a few people are waiting for the musicians. The average age of the crowd is approximately 20 years old. Mainly girls are standing right in front of the stage, talking, taking photos, laughing.

On the other end of the venue is the bar, next to the entrance which has four identical flipping doors. The bar is made of white plastic, accompanied by empty plastic cups with already consumed alcoholic beverages. Two girls are serving people, fast and practised. TV screens above the bar are announcing which band is going to play next; Two Door Cinema Club is on the menu. An Irish elektropop / indierock band, only just breaking through.

When the band enters the stage, a loud cheering, clapping and screaming explodes. The drummer, a shy looking young lad, sits down before his drum set. The lead singer announces his four headed band and thanks the visitors for coming. Then the band begins to play; ‘It starts in the theatre, A night of encounters