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Nowadays a face-to-face meeting is not enough to update about your life; there’s Twitter, WordPress, Hyves, Facebook and Myspace. These are just a few of the many sites where you can let everyone know who you are, and what you do.

fashion collage3For instance, if you are into fashion, and like to express your mood or personality through clothes, you can start up a fashion blog. The principle is the same as a regular weblog, except this is about what you wear, why you wear it, and every detail you’d like to share with people who are interested and inspired by you and your outfit. Not only does a weblog give personal information, but it can also cover many things such as clothing and accessories. They can be more specific and only have one main topic, such as shoes or hairstyles, or about the items of a huge brand. Blogs can cover many levels of fashion, but many of them are about regular people; what their take is on fashion and about outfits worn by people on the street.

The fashion industry takes a lot of benefit from the blogs. Because fashion depends for a great deal on trends, and weblogs provide a new way for people to pass on these trends. So blogs have a huge influence on the overall fashion industry.
A fashion journalist even said this about the weblogs influence: ”Before a designer’s runway show has even finished, you can bet your bottom dollar that someone in the audience – or better still, backstage – has recorded every silhouette, signature shoe, styling detail and sulking supermodel, then uploaded it onto the internet for style watchers across the globe to enjoy!”



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